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Low-E glass, known as Low-E coated glass, is a special glass plated with low emissive metal or other compound multilayer film. Low-E glass is a green product, saving energy and protecting the environment. Low-E glass features of good property of blocking hear radiations. The emissivity of ordinary glass is about 0.84 while Low-E glass less than 0.25. The Low-E film, as thin as 1% of a hair has a high reflectivity of far infrared radiation, reflecting over 80% of far infrared radiation, while ordinary clear float glass can only reflect 12% of the radiation. Besides, the visible light reflectivity of Low-E glass is usually below 11%, which is close to that of ordinary white glass and lower than that of ordinary solar reflective coated glass. So. Low-E glass can avoid light pollution.
Effects in energy saving
1. Good property of heat preservation and insulation. Effectively control the solar radiation and block far infrared radiation, which saves fees of the air-conditioning in summer and heating in winter.
2. High visible light transmittance, low reflectance, and low radiance. Can avoid light pollution.
3. Anti-ultraviolet. Prevent the color of furniture and textiles from fading effectively.
4. Wide range of spectrums and rich colors.
Max Glass Size£º3660x2540mm
Min Glass Size£º600x900mm
Low-E glass can be widely used in all sorts of building curtain wall and windoor decoration and be processed into compound glass products for different usages, such as tempered & laminated glass and hollow glass.
Îå¡¢GB/T 18915.2¡¶Coated Glass ¡·